DEP Violation

If you have received a DEP Violation then we are able to assist in getting these removed. There are three types of DEP Violations that you can be given.

  • Three Day Notice
  • Ten Day Notice
  • DEP Cease and Desist Order
Three Day Notice – This is usually to fix something like a defective or leaking water main. This is a frustrating thing for  a property owner and  we can assist is getting this fixed.

Ten Day Notice – This is normally only issue after a failure to respond to a previous notice or emergency condition.  It is possible that A Ten day notice can result in a $500 – $1,000.00 charge appearing on a future water bill.

We can take care of this immediately to ensure there are no further violations.

DEP Cease and Desist Orders usually involve defective malfunctioning home sewers. These can be creating  washouts on the roadways or undermines. NYC DEP has in instances returned to shut off  the mains. This can often be a difficult situation for a property owner and we can assist with this. To discuss an existing case contact us directly on 347.448.8070