Ateration Permits - Serving Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan.

Any work required to be done on a property usually requires work permits from the department of buildings. If the scope of the project requires plans and permits then it is necessary to hire a Professional Engineer (PE)  or a registered architect (RA)

The DOB has 3 types of alteration permits: 
Alteration Type-I (Alt-1),
Alteration Type-II (Alt-2) 
Alteration Type-III (Alt-3)

Alteration Type-I (Alt-1) -  This is described as a major change to the Certificate of Occupancy. It could be a commercial to residential conversion or vice versa. Or an additional building or space , a garage being rebuilt or an interior conversion of the building or space due to a building addition.

Alteration Type-II Application – These are alterations that do not change the use or occupancy of the building but require several types of work – which could be plumbing or construction.  We use this type of application when there will be no change to the CofO. When this application is filed under directive 14 the applicant or a NYS Professional Engineer or Registered Architect may sign off  after a Directive-14 Final Inspection has been completed.

Alteration Type-III – This is a minor alteration that involves minimal work such as the cutting of a curb or a construction fence. ALT-1s and ALT-2s must be filed by a PE (Professional Engineer) or an RA (Registered Architect) . In some instances some ALT3s don’t require detailed plans and these can be filed by a non-professional. 

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